Valentine's Day for practical romantics

Pink moscato -- hehe!

Like so many other couples around the globe, Josh and I aren't the type to take ourselves out to dinner on Valentine's Day. OK, maybe we're just resisting the cliche. But, eh, noisy and crowded candlelit restaurants with forced, red-colored prix fixe Valentine's menus just don't appeal to us (it's funny how much you can looove prix fixe menus until someone forces it on you and doubles the price). 

And so we decided to do something at home. 

To me, the trick to a Valentine's Day at home is making the meal feel just special enough without doing so much work that you get into a fight after a long day's work. (The last time we decided to make souffles, and my mom just laughed and walked away saying, "Good luck with that.")

So, imagine my joy as I collected these gems during my regular grocery shopping last week:

Heart-shaped ravioli from Costco

Heart-shaped ravioli - FTW #thankyouCostco

Pink sparkling moscato

Yes -- pink moscato from Trader Joe's #shameless

Combined with a butter lettuce salad and fresh guacamole, it made for a delicious meal. 

Totally cheesy? Yes! Much enjoyed? Definitely. 

Happy Valentine's Day to all!