Tea Tins

Confession: I am kind of a tea geek.

I started drinking tea in college because the Hong Kong tea shop down the street was the only cafe not inundated with chatty students pretending to study for their sociology exams. So Josh and I made it a "Saturday thing" to go down to Dream About Tea. No crowds. No loud students. No Internet, even! The space was completely free to find our own ways to waste time without being bothered by others. ;-) So is college.

Since then, I've amassed quite a number of teas over the year. And the problem becomes storage. I have dozens of little wax paper bags and tiny tupperware holding my many leaves.

But the thing is that tea actually does have a shelf life. And it has to be stored a certain way, away from too much heat and light and air and moisture.

That's why I love these Japanese tea tins from Teavana. They're cute blue and just the perfect size. The 5-oz tins have a special removable seal that keep the elements away. As if they were, well, made for it.

Teavana, $12.95.

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My best friend in High School started me on a tea habit and I get some loose tea as often as I can (the rushed people here use bags, so the stores stock them). I love even common tea tins and I had a good collection for a while: I even mounted a few of my disk drives on them XD
Ernie, glad to see another tea fan! I do love loose teas.
I do taste the paper in a bag, and it's usually not very good. One of my friends even suggested that part of the appeal of Tim Horton's coffee is that they use a special paper for the cup. I felt somewhat vindicated recently when agent Henrietta Lang ("Hetty"), Linda Hunt's character as a wise Operations Manager at NCIS LA (on the programme of the same name) asserted the same preference. I do think the little blue tins are cute, but my current favourite holds a greater volume, although the design is the typical, gaudy Chinese Red & Gold patterns.
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