My high school featured on Apple

Ah, so here's a little self-indulgent moment of pride:

My high school, Punahou School, was recently featured on Apple!

I feel incredibly fortunate—and a little proud—to have gone to such a great school. Trust me, though, we did not have laptops when I was going there. ;-)

I am very thankful to join the alumni family, which includes people like President Barack Obama, Steve Case, Pierre Omidyar, Sun Yatsen, my dad, my mom, and my grandfather. :-)

The video displays better on Apple's page, so you should really watch it there.

O, Christmas Tree!

Christmas tree 2011

The holidays have officially arrived in the Chun home. Josh drove with me to Home Depot in Daly City yesterday to help me pick out (and, OK, maybe help carry) a beautiful 6-foot Douglas fir.

Tonight we're going to go to Target to look for some decorations and lights, and tomorrow some friends will come over to help decorate.

It's actually not the first time we picked out a tree together. The week before last—the day before Thanksgiving, actually—we went with my dad in Hawaii down to Don Quixote, the Asian market, which had received the very first shipment of trees in Honolulu.

And after much tugging, tossing, and turning, we chose a really lovely tree for my parents' home. Though most families wait until after Thanksgiving to set up their tree, my dad insisted that it was much more fun to have the tree up in time for Thanksgiving guests to see. It was worth it in the end. 

Here's the tree in action during Thanksgiving gift exchange, a tradition my family calls Shovunda (cause you "shove it undah da bed").

Christmas tree in Hawaii

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!