My Favorite Things: Pixie Nespresso Machine + Pumpkin Latte

Every year I wait for it to come on the menu: Pumpkin spiced lattes.

It’s not like I even drink that many of them. But I think it’s a gentle reminder that the holidays are here and it’s time to get into the spirit.
But last year when the time rolled around, I realized I wanted to do it myself. What could be more relaxing than making it in my own home?
So I decided to buy a few bottles of Amoretti flavored syrup off of Amazon and make it myself, using one of my most favorite kitchen appliances, my Pixie Nepresso machine.
(I actually recently returned from a trip to the South of France, and these espresso machines were everywhere! It was nice to see that I was not biased into liking the coffee because it’s just so easy to make, and that the French actually love the machine and beans as well!)
The above video was the delicious result! I made it over a year ago now. In true holiday fashion, the video is in the style of Charlie Brown. Enjoy. :-)