22 Rules for Storytelling from Pixar

From corporations to advertising firms to digital shops to startups, many marketers are realizing that changing hearts, minds, and actions is not merely about pushing people, shouting, or scaring folks to move. Great marketing is about good storytelling, an immersive experience that compels us in our fundamental humanity.

But what does it look like when you take some tips from working at one of the best contemporary storytellers, world class animation studio Pixar?

Earlier this month, Emma Coats, a storyboard artist at Pixar, generously tweeted out 22 great tips on "story basics." Now someone out there on the Internets has put them into a really cool graphic (Pro tip: Everything is more sharable as a jpg!). Unfortunately, the citation on the graphic is illegible, so I’m not sure who made it. (Pro tip 2: Always cite yourself as the source in the graphic!)

If you think these are just tips for creating great movies and books, I encourage you to widen your view. These are awesome insights to integrate into the discovery process for any campaign creation, content strategy, or digital planning.