Turning the lights on.

Oh, hi. Well, it seems you've found me. Starting a personal blog has been some time in the making. I've blogged from London, on Posterous, about drinks, for Guy, for Alltop, for Changemakers, for Mommy Movement, and for Razoo.  Heck, you could even count Newsweek blogs and VentureBeat. But until today, I haven't really blogged for myself. This is the place to find personal musings on social media, the digital experience, culture, and life as a 20-something who wants to make a contribution to the world. Consider this a soft launch. That was one thing I learned from my previous job at a startup, which was a content-based enterprise. Ship early, launch softly, and give yourself the forgiveness to ease into your project. Turn the lights on. See who shows up.